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My name is Jeana Barlow.  I am an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator/therapy dog specialist and trainer .  I have been involved in pet therapy work, training and volunteering for over 20 years.  Volunteering with your dog is a rewarding experience.  Healing through the unconditional love of a dog has been proven over and over.  My goal is to pass on my years of experience to help those who would like to become a therapy dog team.  I train with kindness and compassion.  "Every Dog Has Potential"!!


Affiliations (past and present)


  • OCSPCA PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support)

  • TDI (Therapy Dogs International)

  • Pet Partners


I first experienced the heartwarming value of a therapy dog purely by chance.   While on vacation in Bryce National Park, we encountered a toddler and his parents enjoying the scenic wonder of Bryce.  Our Yorkie "Bear" and the toddler were at once focused on one another.  The parents asked if their son could pet Bear. We gladly said yes, the moment he touched Bear's beautiful coat was magical.  A wide smile appeared on the toddlers face and Bear's wagging tail indicated a willing approval; the bond was complete!   When speaking with the parents, they confided to me that their son had terminal cancer.  The parents thanked us for making their day and putting a smile on their little boy's face.   My heart, though saddened, instinctively knew their little boy's spirit was raised and for a few moments life was again wonderful.  As soon as we returned home, I searched the internet for web sites on therapy dog training.  The rest is history.  Bear became a therapy dog at eight years old.  He was known as the "Little Dog with the BIG heart".  His visits were extensive: to include assisted living, children's facilities, elementary schools and special events.


Currently, I volunteer at CHOC (Children's Hospital Of Orange County) and Kaiser Hospital with my partner and companion Chewy.  After twelve years as a therapy dog, Chewy is now 14 and still going strong.  His furry face is always a welcome site when he shows up to do what he does best, bringing comfort to those who need him most.  His tricks are always a hit with the children as well as the staff wherever he goes. Together we form a dedicated team, ready to serve those in need.



Meeting the needs of those facing life's many challenges sometimes requires a dog who is also facing challenges, one such dog was our Skidby.  We were given Skidby by a breeder of Yorkies, who recognized that because of the corrective surgeries he endured, a special home was required.  Fortunately, the breeder thought enough of us to ask if we might adopt him.  Skidby was a special loving dog, who perhaps because he endured so much was acutely aware of those requiring an emotional lift.  Skidby would serve as a therapy dog for 8 years.  He brought smiles, laughs, and comfort to those in assisted living, schools, libraries, childrens homes and special events.  Skidby enjoyed the therapy he received as  much as he enjoyed giving therapy - he was indeed a wonderful, loving little soul!



Healing and improving the quality of life through the human animal bond is a rewarding experience.  The unconditional love of a therapy dog will stay in the hearts of those they have touched.




Jeana Barlow



About The Trainer

Touching the Lives of Others through dog therapy

Chewy and Skidby

My First Therapy Dog Bear

"The Little Dog with the BIG Heart"

Bear's best friend "Darla"

Attending a special event on Halloween

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